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3 Minute ABS
Isolation definition intensuty focus
Kurt Brungardt

Power factor specialization
Chest & Arms
Peter Sisco & John Little

Power factor specialization
Shoulders & Back
Peter Sisco & John Little

50 ways to buid muscle fast
The ultimate guide to building bigger muscles
Dave Tuttle

Bodybuiding 101
Everything you need to know to get the body you want
Robert Wolff, Ph. D

Championship Bodybuilding
Instruction Book for Bodybuilding
Chris Aceto

Everything you need to know about fat

By Chris Aceto

Serious Strength Training
Periodization For Building Muscle Power and Mass
Tudor O. Bompa, Phd e Lorenzo J. Cornaccia

Target Bodybuilding
Precision Lifting For More Mass and Greater Definition
Per. A. Tesch, PhD

Built Hard
Basic to Advanced Bodybuilding
Charlie Mann

More Muscle

Ken Sprague

Weight Training
Step to Success
Thomas R. Baechle, Barney R. Groves

Building Strength and Stamina
New Nautilus Training for Total Fitness
Wayne Westcot, PhD

The Complete Book of BUTT and LEGS

Kurt, Mike and Brett Brungardt

The Complete Book of ABS

Kurt Brungard

Stronger Abs and Backs
165 exercises to build your center of power
Dean Brittenham e Greg Brittenham

Stronger Arm and Upper Body
143 exercises and drills for power and performance
Sean Cochran, Tom Hourse